Broome Repairs Flood-Prone Facility That Stores Voting Machines


The warehouse where Broome County stores its electronic voting machines has experienced several flooding incidents within the last two years.

County Executive Debbie Preston announced plans to move the voting machines from sites in Vestal to the former Ramp Industries building on Floral Avenue in Binghamton in 2012.

The decision was presented as a cost-saving measure.

The minority leader of the Broome County legislature, Jason Garnar, says he found out about flooding that has occurred at the site since then from county workers.

“God forbid we have a flooding event the week prior or a few days prior to an election.”

Garnar says there have been six or seven small flooding events that he knows about and they have caused enough concern that the electronic parts of the machines have been moved to another building.

According to Deputy County Executive John Bernardo, the county has repaired drainage, re-graded the parking lot and added curbs to prevent floods and the county has no plans to move the machines.