BU Nursing School To Expand Into Endicott Johnson Shoe Factory


Binghamton University’s Decker School of Nursing will expand into the former Endicott-Johnson Shoe Company factory.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the decision on Tuesday in Johnson City and expects the move to create about 150 jobs.

Cuomo said it should help the Southern Tier recover from the loss of manufacturing jobs and transition an innovation economy through high-tech and healthcare jobs. That’s something, he says, that’s taken too long.

“Upstate New York learned that lesson, parts of Pennsylvania learned that lesson,” said Cuomo. “When the economy they had ended, there was no one or thing or vehicle to transition to the new economy. So Johnson Shoes moves out. Who moves in?”

The Governor added the state hasn’t done enough to help upstate recover and he wants to change that, stressing the need for less Albany intervention and more assistance.

“You determine how to develop the economy in your region, build on your strengths,” Cuomo explained “You come up with a plan, but we will be there as a full partner and we will invest with you to transition to the new economy.

BU received about $21 million to expand the nursing school.

The move is tied to the construction of Binghamton University’s pharmacy school in Johnson City. The projects are expected to combine to cost just over $100 million.