Conservative Group Wants Free Market, Not Government, To Dictate Energy Source Choices


HARRISBURG, PA (WITF) — A group of Pennsylvania conservatives is calling for change when it comes to the debate about the state’s energy future.

The new Pennsylvania Conservative Energy Forum claims the left has set the narrative for too long on policy discussions.

Executives from solar companies, a pastor and a former head of the state’s Department of Environmental Protection are among the group’s members.

According to former DEP secretary Jim Seif, the government shouldn’t boost one type of energy over another. Let the competitive market set the choices, he says.

“There is no alternative energy. There’s energy that works and energy that doesn’t. And it’s all good if it works. We want to say that there is no ‘best’ energy,” said Seif.

The group supports an “all of the above” energy strategy that it says can create a bridge from fossil fuels to renewables.