Corning Community College Offers Dorm Discount


Students at Corning Community College have less than a month to take advantage of a big discount on dorm life. They can get a thousand dollars off their room if they book before August 1. The college built the dorm two years ago to attract students from a wider area and to encourage all students to live closer to class.

Executive Director of Institutional Advancement Bill Little says there are advantages to living on campus. “Because they aren’t spending their time in the car driving back and forth to home, they have more time to commit to studies, they have more time to commit to school and they have more time to commit to their own lives,” he says.

The dorm hasn’t filled since it opened, though. The college expected more demand for on-campus housing because it thought fracking would be legal in New York.

“One of the things we were concerned about at the time was that some of our students would not be able to find housing because of the housing market being taken up otherwise,” Little says. He says building residential life at Corning Community College is now more of a long-term project.