Deposit To Dissolve Police Department


101ABN / Flickr


VESTAL, NY (WSKG) — The New York Village of Deposit will dissolve their police department and justice court.

The dissolution was originally proposed in November. To keep the services would have required big tax increases.

“In Broome County, it will be approximately 24 percent tax increase, and then the Delaware County side of Deposit—which is calculated different because we don’t receive sales tax—it’s going to be around 16-17 percent,” Deposit Mayor Bryan Moore explained prior to the vote.

Some residents had successfully petitioned in favor of keeping the police department and court, and so it went to a vote.

Ultimately voters decided not to raise taxes and to eliminate the court and police department.

The police department will dissolve by March 1st. After that, Sheriff’s departments from Broome and Delaware Counties will service the area.