Former Vice President Dick Cheney Speaks At Cornell


pkommunikacio / Flickr

Former Vice President Dick Cheney.

ITHACA, NY (WSKG) – Former Vice President Dick Cheney spoke to an audience of over 500 people at Cornell University Tuesday evening.

Most of his remarks were about events of the early 2000s. He was asked about some current issues, like how mistakes of the past could inform the current situation with Iran and North Korea.

“Who’s going to teach this administration?” he responded. The President has “had a lot of good people around but they don’t last long.”

Protesters outside the building objected to Cheney being invited. They said they would not have protested someone expressing conservative ideas, but they oppose Cheney because he had an active hand in “causing oppression, causing human rights violations, and causing war crimes” in the Middle East.

Cheney was invited by the Cornell College Republicans. They said they wanted to bring him to campus because of his experience in government and role in decision making in the immediate aftermath to 9/11.