Governor Signs 14 Bills For New York Vets, Calls Trump’s Participation In NYC Parade “Great”


ALBANY, NY (WSKG) – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo marched in the Veterans Day parade Monday in New York City. He mostly avoided President Donald Trump, who also spoke at the event.

Cuomo signed several bills that will help veterans, including providing absentee ballots for those actively serving in the military to vote in school district elections, and making veterans eligible for a property tax exemption if they have to modify their home after suffering an injury while serving in the military.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo marches Monday in the Veterans Day parade in New York City. Credit Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office

The governor also authorized a study to determine how many homeless veterans there are in New York state and said the state will build its first veterans cemetery.

The feuding president and governor put aside their differences for the day, both giving remarks that honored veterans. Neither mentioned a disagreement that’s stemmed from Trump moving his official residence from New York to Florida.

Cuomo, asked by reporters, said he was fine with Trump also attending the parade.

“The more people who celebrate and honor Veterans Day, the better,” said Cuomo. “If the president chose New York to honor veterans, that’s great, as far as I’m concerned.”

The two men did not meet during the event.