Halloween Safety Can Keep Your Pets From Getting Tricked


Sheryl models her airplane costume

It’s Halloween and pet owners are making sure their cats and dogs stay safe.

Sheryl and her owner Katie Kanazawich live on Binghamton’s West Side. Sheryl is a Plott Hound mix who is excitable and sweet, and loves to dress up.

“When you bring [her clothes] out, she knows they’re hers, she wags her tail and gets excited to wear it,” Katie said.

Sheryl has holiday themed shirts and an airplane costume. There is one costume Sheryl doesn’t like—a dragon costume that has an extra tail and head. 

Veterinarians at Cornell University say if you are going to dress up pets, ensure they can move and breathe. Avoid costumes that cause distress (so Sheryl’s probably not going as a dragon this year).

They also recommend not leaving your pet outside unattended, but do keep your pet confined in area away from the front door and the excitement of trick or treaters. Cats and dogs can also escape as the door is being opened. 

Katie doesn’t live in an area with many trick or treaters, but she does take special care to keep candy and wrappers out of Sheryl’s reach. Pets should also be kept away from candles.