Holiday Blues Affect Many, Even Those Not Prone To Depression


Doctor Popular / Flickr

Doctor Popular/Fickr

VESTAL, NY (WSKG) — For some, the holiday season can induce anxiety, loneliness and anger.

According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, the Holiday Blues can be brought on by the pressures of the holidays. Stress from shopping and debt, from social events or missing loved ones, the break from normal routine, less sleep and exercise, and excessive eating and drinking can all contribute. People also feel a let down once the season ends.

Other than feelings of depression, someone suffering from the holiday blues may experience headaches, tension and fatigue.

The university says the holiday blues can be common, but, call your doctor if your sleep or appetite is affected or you’re feeling low even after the holidays pass. Tho combat the blues, they suggest talking to a friend, setting a realistic budget, saying “no” to parties when you don’t have the time but do find time for yourself.

The Holiday Blues is not seasonal affective disorder which is when the winter months affect a person’s mood, and it’s not clinical depression, although depression can be triggered by the holidays.

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