Independent Candidate For Governor Doubts Democrats’ Stories About Mailer


ALBANY, NY (WSKG) – Independent candidate for governor Stephanie Miner is keeping the heat on Governor Cuomo and the state democratic party for a mailer sent out during the party primary that accused the governor’s opponent , Cynthia Nixon, of anti Semitism.

Miner, the former mayor of Syracuse was also co chair of the Democratic State Party under Andrew Cuomo, before the two had a falling out over state aid to local government. She says she no longer sees a place for herself in the party.

“The leadership in Albany is corrupt. It’s wasteful and it’s not solving problems,” Miner said. “There’s no room for me in Andrew Cuomo’s democratic party.”

Miner believes there’s no way that Cuomo and his top aides did not know the contents of a mailer that went out to Jewish democratic voters a few days before the primary. It accused challenger Cynthia Nixon of being anti semitic. Nixon, who has two Jewish children and regularly attends a synagogue, lost the race.

“If Donald Trump had done something like this, Democrats would be protesting,” Miner said. “We can’t just say just because Andrew Cuomo is a Democrat that that tactic is acceptable.”

Cuomo has denied knowing about the mailer in advance, and says vetting policies at the state party will change.