Ithaca Pacifist, Six Others Convicted On Charges Stemming From Anti-War Protest


UPDATED: 10/25/19 – 9:57 A.M.

Photo by Vaughn Golden/WSKG.

BRUNSWICK, GA (WSKG) – Ithaca activist Clare Grady, along with six others, was convicted in a federal court in Georgia Thursday on charges related to a protest staged on the Kings Bay nuclear submarine base in 2018.

The activists were all Catholic Workers and members of the Plowshares movement that opposes war and embraces pacifism. They were found guilty on all charges which included conspiracy, damaging Navy and government property, and trespassing.*

But the mood outside the court wasn’t bleak.  The activists are optimistic their anti-nuclear message will continue after their conviction.

“It will not be another matter of oh, another movement, but how we are connected to all the very organic movements that exist today,” Grady said

She doesn’t regret her protest, or conviction.

Photo by Vaughn Golden/WSKG

“We have choices about what we consent to and what we don’t consent to,” she concluded. “That’s a nonviolent practice of withdrawing consent. Thank you and God bless you.”

Grady and the others will be sentenced in about two months. They could face up to twenty years in prison, but their terms will likely to be much shorter since they were non-violent.

*Updated to correct grammatical error.