Judge Dismisses Lawsuits By Chemung Executive; County Legislators “Relieved”


VESTAL, NY (WSKG) – A statement on behalf of the Chemung County Legislature said the board is relieved a judge decided to dismiss and deny lawsuits file by County Executive Chris Moss.

Jim Emerson/Flickr

Chemung County Courthouse. (Jim Emerson/Flickr)

At the center of the controversy was legislative attorney Bryan Maggs.  The county executive, who took office in January, tried to fire Maggs. However, representatives on the legislature called this an overreach.

In lawsuits, Moss argued the county legislature lacked the authority to hire a lawyer. The county legislature then changed its charter, hoping to clarify its control over the office. In response, Moss said the board couldn’t change its charter either.

A judge dismissed the suits this week.

“The cost of this lawsuit, both in terms of money and time spent, is extremely unfortunate,” said County Legislative Chair David Manchester, adding that he still has a good working relationship with Moss.

On Facebook, the county executive expressed disappointment with the court ruling. Moss lists several other issues he has with the legislature and said he wants them addressed.