Lawyers For Middle School Girls Claim Strip Search Violated Constitutional Rights


BINGHAMTON, NY (WSKG) — The moms of four girls, who accuse staff at a Binghamton Middle School of strip searching them, have sought legal help from the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Those lawyers have sent a letter to the district saying the searches violated the girls’ constitutional rights.

Through their lawyers, the parents demand mental health treatment for their daughters. They also want a survey done on the racial climate at the district. Finally, they say the district should apologize in writing to the affected families, and discipline staff at East Middle School, including termination. The lawyers want a meeting with district officials within ten days.

The school district has denied there were strip searches, just “medical assessments” of the girls. After the lawyers’ letter was issued, WSKG requested additional information from the Binghamton School District, but it has not responded.  Typically, governmental agencies do not comment on pending litigation.

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