Molinaro Starts RV Tour Of New York At The State Fair


SYRACUSE, NY (WRVO) – Republican gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro is on the road this week as his race against Gov. Andrew Cuomo picks up steam. Moliaro and his family are crossing the state looking for votes in an RV, and one of the first stops for the family of five on Sunday was the New York State Fair.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro visited the New York State Fair Sunday ELLEN ABBOTT / WRVO NEWS

Molinaro said this kind of trip allows him to meet all kinds of New Yorkers, and that he’s hearing many of the same things

“You go anywhere in the state of New York, and people usually have two things to say. ‘Lower my taxes and end corruption’,” said Molinaro.

He promises he’ll do both. His campaign has doubled down particularly on the corruption issue, in the wake of convictions of some Cuomo aides and associates on public corruption charges.

Molinaro said the fact that Cuomo hasn’t been accused directly shouldn’t distance him from these cases.

“He has allowed and enabled and benefited from some corrupt practices,” he said. “And the fact that so many close associates have been found guilty of federal corruption charges, suggests at the very least he has enabled and allowed this to occur and has no willingness to end this.  I do.”

Molinaro is proposing an Albany Accountability Act that includes term limits, more oversight of state contracts, and bans on political contributions from companies that do business from the state. He has an uphill battle. Polls show the governor with a double digit lead over Molinaro.

2 thoughts on “Molinaro Starts RV Tour Of New York At The State Fair

  1. Larry Sharpe has been on the campaign trail since last November and has a booth set up all week and has been there for three days and you run a story on this guy Marc who stops by for a sausage?

    That’s an embarresment to journalism.

  2. Hi Mr. Olenski,

    I see we have aired programs on radio and TV that have featured Mr. Sharpe.

    On Capitol Pressroom on August 6:

    And on New York Now:

    A search of my email shows that I am not getting news releases from the Larry Sharpe campaign. Please feel free to forward those to me.

    Could you be sending them to our news folks? Their email address is

    Thanks for your critique of our journalism and I will forward it to our managing editor.


    Charles Compton
    Director of Radio Programming/News/Operations
    WSKG Public Media
    607.729.0100 ext 339

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