Multiple Unexpected Deaths In Central New York


VESTAL, NY (WSKG) — There were at least three unexpected deaths in upstate New York Wednesday.

First, in Victor, an employee at Home Depot found Brian Perry, an independent trucker from Kirkwood, N.y., pinned between the tire of a truck and the bed of the trailer.

Sheriff’s deputies from Ontario County say he was dropping off a shipment at the loading dock of the Home Depot Wednesday afternoon.

Investigators think Perry was adjusting a rear tire when the trailer shifted.

Then, east of Syracuse, in Stockbridge, four people had been on a floating dock made of wood and Styrofoam, when it capsized in a small farm pond. The Madison County sheriff’s department says Feldy Miller and his older brother, Rudy, apparently drowned.

Divers found the two Amish brothers in about seven feet of water. Autopsies are being performed on the bodies to confirm the cause of death. The investigation is ongoing.