New York PSC Official Criticizes Charter/Spectrum Over Broadband Efforts


ROCHESTER, NY (WXXI) – A top state regulator has some harsh words for Charter Communications, the company that sells Spectrum cable and internet services.

The CEO of the New York State Department of Public Service, John Rhodes, has written to the CEO of Charter, Thomas Rutledge, condemning what he says is the company’s “false advertising and misleading of New York consumers.”

Rhodes says that Charter has failed to meet its obligations to build out its cable system as required, and he contends that Charger knows it is not meeting its commitment to expand the company’s broadband network in the state.

The state official say that he will also refer the matter to New York  Attorney General for further action.

A statement from Charter Communications says that Spectrum has built out its broadband network to more than 42,000 unserved or under-served homes since the merger with Time Warner Cable.

New York’s goal has been to have 100 percent broadband coverage by the end of the year, which officials say included a commitment by Charter to provide the coverage to a specific number of homes.

Charter Communications released this statement in response to Rutledge’s comments:

“The fact is that Spectrum has built out our broadband network to more than 42,000 unserved or underserved homes since the merger.  We find it baffling that the PSC thinks that some New Yorkers count and others don’t, given their belief that access to broadband is essential for economic development and social equity.”