New York’s US Senator Calls For FDA Ban On Juul, E-cigarette Flavors That Entice Kids


Sen. Charles Schumer at Fayetteville-Manlius High School. ELLEN ABBOTT / WRVO PUBLIC MEDIA

SYRACUSE, NY (WRVO) – A dramatic spike in the use of a particular type of electronic cigarette among middle and high school students has local parents, educators and activists, clamoring for action. Sen. Charles Schumer is putting pressure on federal agencies to move swiftly on the issue.

The craze among kids these day is called Juul. The ads for it claim that one pod of the sweet tasting liquid, contains the amount of nicotine equal to an entire pack of cigarettes. Baldwinsville mom Amy Delia said the dispensers don’t emit vapor, and look like an everyday item.

“The Juul looks like little thumb drives that you plug in your computer,” Delia said.

That makes it hard for anyone to notice it, according to Rome School Superintendent Peter Black.

“It’s happening in school,” Black said. “It’s happening in classrooms. It’s happening in buses. It’s probably happening in the back seat of parents’ cars, and they might not even be aware of it.”

Schools across central New York have sent letters home to parents about it, and it was in fact, part of the reason Rome school officials recently removed the entrance doors to bathrooms that are a popular Juul-ing location. Officials said 20 percent of middle schoolers and high schoolers in New York state are using some kind of electronic nicotine delivery system.

Part of the attraction is the flavors. Things like bubble gum, sour patch kids, and whipped cream. That’s one area Schumer wants to attack, calling on the FDA to act.

“Ban fun e-Cig flavors that entice the kids,” Schumer said.

Beyond that, Schumer wants federal authorities to move more quickly and crack down on advertising aimed at kids, using laws already in place.

“The rules they have had on regular cigarettes have worked,” Schumer said. “We can do the same thing here, they are just a little slow at the switch.”

It is an issue that Delia, who also works with the American Cancer Society, is worried is leading younger and younger children into a world of nicotine addiction.

“I do have some friends who have kids in fifth and sixth and seventh grade, and absolutely they’re talking about it,” Delia said. “And if our fifth graders are talking about these products, it’s only a matter of time before my first grader comes home, hearing about this on the bus.”

3 thoughts on “New York’s US Senator Calls For FDA Ban On Juul, E-cigarette Flavors That Entice Kids

  1. The use of electronic cigarettes, the latest and largest worry being the JUUL, is out of control among our young teenagers. I repeat, it is out of control.

    I’m pleased to see some of our elected officials have stepped forward to own this concern and is calling on the FDA to do their job. Use existing legislation on the books and propose to Congress additional and immediate measures that need to be passed to stop this runaway train.

    Another way to apply Positive Track Control to this runaway locomotive is to contact your current state lawmakers – your State Assemblymember and State Senator – and tell them in writing that you want to have a New York State Tobacco 21 law, one that would raise the minimum sales age law to 21. You need to do that now so there is enough time to get it through all the preliminary committees in both houses before the full Senate and Assembly vote and on to the desk of Governor Cuomo. If you do not get a positive “I support the bill and will vote for it” response, then you have the ability to vote them out of office this year.

  2. By this time next year the government and big tobacco will have a 30%-40% increase in teens smoking cigarettes 👍 good job a*******. Vaping for 5 years and it’s way better then smoking. Have 2 children and I’d rather them vape then smoke when they get older but you have to fill the right pockets.

  3. I’ve smoked menthol cigs for over 20 years and I tried a Juul and never smoked a cigarette again, and haven’t wanted 2 either! I like the mint Juul pods because they’re similar 2 menthol cig taste! The pods are cheaper than what I was paying for cigs, plus I smell better, I’m no longer breathing in fiberglass or tar! I’m not sure why people are going after the Juul company when there’s Eonsmoke, Airbender, and Z-lab (just as a few examples) that all produce a lot more “kid/teen friendly” flavors like sour gummy, strawberry milk, etc… So why go after Juul? There’s so many “teen friendly flavors” of vaping juices that don’t come in pods and they’ve been out way before Juul came out, but why isn’t there talk of banning those? Juul has honestly changed my life for the better and I’ve told every cigarette smoker I know that they should try it to help them quit smoking! I didn’t tell non-smokers to try it because that’s not what it’s about! I fully agree that schools and advertising both should do something to help teenagers not vape or smoke cigarettes, but taking away something that has helped so many people stop smoking cigarettes is really uncalled for and it isn’t what’s best for everyone! There’s all of those Truth ads for smoking and the effects from it, so someone should create the same type of ads for vaping (not just Juul), but all vaping and the effects. Schools can buckle down n suspend students n confiscate vaping devices that are caught with them, just like if a student was caught smoking a cigarette in school! So please don’t punish the large group of us that have had tremendous success with quitting smoking cigarettes with the help of Juul!!!

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