No Gas Transfer Station For Fenton, At Least For Now


Gabe Altieri/WSKG

Those against the station cheer as deciding "no" vote comes down.

A proposed gas transfer station won’t be coming to the town of Fenton for the time being.

Fenton is in Broome County, just north of Binghamton.

A roar erupted from the crowd as the deciding vote came down from the Fenton Zoning Board of Appeals on Tuesday.

The board was deciding whether the proposed station qualified as a trucking terminal, which would be allowed under Fenton zoning rules. By a 3-2 vote, it said no. That overruled a decision by the town building inspector in the fall.

The vote ends, at least for now, a process that began early last year when the company NG Advantage proposed building the gas transfer station. This would tap into an existing pipeline, put gas on trucks and ship it where relatively cheap fuel options might be hard to come by. Some gas compression would be done at the site, though it’s different than a large compressor station.

Fenton approved the plan last spring, but residents, the Chenango Valley School District and a local church pushed back. All three challenged the decision in State Supreme Court, where a judge ruled in their favor. He said the Fenton Planning Board didn’t follow the proper procedures when approving the project. That meant the company had to apply again.

Which brings us to Tuesday’s “no” vote. One board member said a terminal with trucks carrying gas shouldn’t be under the same category as trucks carrying less dangerous material.

“We are thrilled,” said Adrienne Irons, part of a group of residents fighting the station. “We are very happy and proud of our town for making the right decision for the community.”

Though the decision puts an end to the project for now. NG Advantage could find another avenue to keep it going. For Irons, she’s ready to fight again if need be.

“We’re prepared to battle as long as we need to. This is our community it’s not their community. We’re going to stay here and they’re not,” she said.

In a statement, NG Spokesman Morgan Hook said the company is disappointed in the decision and is reviewing all options before deciding it’s next steps.