NY State Money Announced For “Open Access” Centers To Connect People To Treatment


New York State is putting up $450,000 each to fund nine “Open Access Centers.” According to the governor’s office, it’s a way to get people connected to addiction recovery services quickly.

The sites will be 24-7. The governor’s office said the centers would immediately assess people who suffer from substance abuse, and refer them to appropriate treatment.

Nine regions of the state will each get an Open Access center, including the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes. Central New York already has one planned, through Syracuse Behavioral Health.

The centers won’t need special certification and could be set up immediately, although the state asks that they be open within six months of getting the award. The funding is a one-time infusion.

The application says, quote, “it is also expected that the program will be self-sustaining within one year of beginning operations.” 

Local governments or non-profits must apply by October 31.