PA Pipeline Blocked By Protestor On Monopod


US Forest Service new order moves MVP Pipeline Protesters base camp farther from monopod sitter.

Activists opposing the Mountain Valley natural gas Pipeline in southwest Virginia are camped in the Jefferson National forest, hoping to delay construction. One woman has been living on a monopod blocking the pipeline’s path. U.S. Forest Law enforcement have closed an access road, preventing supporters from getting food and water to her.

Supporters have turned to singing in protest, after federal officials  shut an access road, preventing them from getting food and water to her.

(All Singing to the tune of “You Will Not Walk Alone”) “…. My friend, you will not sit alone…”

Supporters of the pipeline protest have been hiking up rugged mountain trails to help bring food and water to the woman on the monopod.  She’s perched 50 feet above the ground in a small tent suspended in the air and attached to neaby trees.  Over the weekend, US Forest Service officials extended a road closure, preventing her from receiving supplies. Snow has been falling in the mountains and a fire ban is in place.  The 300-mile pipeline is slated to bring natural gas from Pennsylvania through Virginia for export. It crosses a section of national forest near the Appalachian Trail. The woman, who wants to remain anonymous, has indicated she has no plans to leave.