Poll Finds Clinton Ahead with Key Voters



A new poll finds that Bernie Sanders has narrowed the gap with Hillary Clinton in the New York Presidential primary race, but Clinton leads in key voting regions.

The Siena college poll finds that 52% of Democrats would vote for Hillary Clinton, and 42% for Bernie Sanders. Clinton is ahead in voter rich New York City and surrounding suburbs. The two are even in upstate, but that represents just around one quarter of total Democratic voters.

Siena’s Steve Greenberg says there’s also an age divide between the two candidates’ supporters. Clinton is ahead with older voters, while Sanders leads with younger voters.

“The real question is, do those young voters feel the Bern enough to come out and actually vote on Tuesday,” Greenberg said. “If they do, that could make this race much closer.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump has a strong lead, with the support of  half of all New York’s GOP voters. Kasich and Cruz are more than 20 points behind.