Rabid Skunk Captured in Ithaca


Michelle Ress/Flickr

VESTAL, NY (WSKG) — A rabid skunk was found on 2nd Street in Ithaca, New York.

It was also seen on Cascadilla Street before it was captured by Tompkins County Animal Control.

The county’s Health Department urges residents to call if they believe their pets may have been exposed to the skunk.

Rabies can spread through a bite or any time saliva from a rabid animal enters the body. Potential rabid animals should not be handled without protective gloves, and, if saliva gets on your skin, it should be washed away immediately with soap and water.

The Health Department recommends contacting them after any contact with a potentially infectious animals, for all animal bites or scratches, and if you see a bat inside your home.

Officials suggest avoiding contact with animals—domestic or wild—that are unfamiliar, and keeping your pets vaccinations up-to-date.