Reed Criticizes Trump Tweets, But Opposed Resolution Condemning Them


ITHACA, NY (WSKG) – Southern Tier Representative Tom Reed does not believe President Trump is racist. He said as much while addressing comments Trump made on Twitter over the weekend.

The tweet criticizes four Democratic congresswomen. The President tells them to go back to where they came from. All four are citizens and three were born in the United States.

Celia Clarke/WSKG Public Radio

Rep. Tom Reed (R-Corning) speaking at a town hall meeting in Veteran, New York. January 26, 2019. Photo: Celia Clarke/WSKG News

“I don’t agree with the tweet,” said Reed. “I think the sentiment can be interpreted, rightfully, as offensive and I think it’s, it was inappropriate.”

Despite that, Reed did not vote for a House resolution on Tuesday to condemn the tweets as racist.

The Republican represents New York’s 23rd congressional district which includes Hornell, Elmira and Ithaca.