This Time, Rod Serling’s Daughter Plans To Watch The Twilight Zone Reboot


BINGHAMTON (WSKG) — Anne Serling says didn’t watch the Twilight Zone reboots in 1985 or in 2002.

“I heard some of them were good, and I think really I didn’t watch because this was my Dad’s baby, so I guess there was a sort of a possessiveness,” said Serling.

But she does plant to check out CBS’s upcoming revamp.

“I do feel like it’s in good hands with Jordan Peele and I watched the trailer and found it intriguing.”

After watching Peele’s satirical horror movie, Get Out, which he wrote and directed, Serling says, she was intrigued by that, too.

At the same time, it’s never the same without her dad. As Rod Serling fans know, he used science fiction to comment on the times and the human condition.

His daughter hopes the reboot won’t err too much on the side of horror.

It debuts on CBS All Access April 1.