Timeline: The Battle Over Pennsylvania’s Congressional District Map


KEYSTONE CROSSROADS – Pennsylvania’s congressional map has been recognized nationally as having some of the starkest examples of gerrymandering in the country, prompting both a state and a federal lawsuit in 2017.

A three-judge panel in the federal case upheld the map as drawn by Republicans in 2011. The state case compelled the Democratic-majority Pa. Supreme Court to strike it down as an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander.

This ruling seems likely to alter the partisan tilt of the state’s congressional delegation, which has held a steady 13-5 Republican advantage.

Pennsylvania’s high court is now poised to issue its own version of the map without the support of any formal legislation. It’s said a new map will be in place by Monday, Feb. 19 to be used in this year’s primary elections.

If the court takes this step, Republican state lawmakers have pledged a federal challenge.

With the next turning point imminent and national interest piqued, the interactive timeline above looks back at how the story has developed.