Tompkins County Rolls Out A Mobile Compost Drop Spot


Tompkins County Solid Waste Division rolled out their traveling compost drop spot Saturday.

Shishir Nair, a senior at Cornell, came to drop off his food scraps.

“Yeah, we have a small compost bin at my house that my dad started, but we don’t really use that very often and it’s hard to get to in the winter,” he said.

Convenience is one thing the county is hoping to accomplish. They already have a few static sites.

Geoff Dunn of the Solid Waste Division expects this new mobile unit will allow them to collect in places where it’s a little more difficult to have a permanent shed.

“The trailer will allow us to have a little more flexibility in terms of going to a facility or going to an area and having it there for a temporary time. So, this way we can take this for two hours on an evening somewhere to like a farmers’ market,” he said.

The county’s program also accepts certain food scraps not recommended for a home compost pile like meat, bones and dairy products.

The drop spots are a public/private partnership between the county and Cayuga Compost in Trumansburg. The compost is turned into a soil amendment that they then sell to landscapers, farmers, and homeowners.

The truck will be back in it’s East Hill spot this Saturday.