Voters Tout Importance Of Local Elections At Polls


BINGHAMTON, NY (WSKG) – It’s election day 2019.

Although this year’s election focuses mostly on local and regional races, those at the polls Tuesday feel that’s important.

Gabe Altieri/WSKG

WSKG spoke to voters at a polling place in Ithaca.

“I feel like it’s really irresponsible to complain about things if you’re not actively taking part in the process,” Deborah Justice said, discussing why she’s voting. “So, as cheesy as it sounds, to be a good citizen.”

Typically, off-year elections like this one have lower voter turnout than years with presidential and congressional races. However, Michael Thomas still made his way to the polls today.

“I think that it’s my right, It’s a privilege, and if I want to make change it starts at the booth,” Thomas said.

This was also the first year New York offered early voting. Thousands of went cast their ballot between October 26th and November 3rd.

Polls in New York close at 9 P.M. In Pennsylvania, they close at 8 P.M.