Vouchers Help With Trips To Get Prescriptions, Groceries


For people who are on Medicaid, the government pays for their ride to the doctor, but not to pick up their prescription.

So, Mobility Management of South Central New York (MMSCNY) is providing vouchers for a free ride. It’s the transportation arm of the Rural Health Network.

These vouchers are good for trips to places that directly impact a person’s health, like a grocery store or social services agency.

“These vouchers are meant to fill that void,” said Bill Wagner, executive director of MMSCNY.

Many times, people are weighing whether to pay for a meal or a ride to pick up a prescription.

People on Medicaid can get the vouchers from certain health care providers or community based organizations. MMSCNY will then coordinate the ride.

“We assess the situation [then] find the best available option for them, whether it be public transit, a cab, a volunteer organization, Wagner said. “We even provide fuel cards if someone has access to a vehicle.”

The program is only for people on Medicaid in Broome County, Chenango, Delaware and Tioga Counties. Dozens of vouchers have been issued already. At the moment, each person is limited to eight vouchers total.