Wolf, Fetterman Make First Appearance As Running-Mates


(AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

YORK, PA (WSKG) — Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s reelection ticket saw a shakeup this week, with Braddock Mayor John Fetterman unseating current LG Mike Stack.

That makes him the first person to defeat a sitting lieutenant governor in a primary.

Now, the new running mates are wasting no time getting to know each other–meeting for lunch at a diner near Wolf’s York County home the afternoon after the election.

Fetterman’s also originally from York. Like Wolf, he has described his upbringing as comfortable, and is Ivy League educated.

But as many observers have noted, the two appear pretty different.

Fetterman is tattooed, favors dark work clothes, and towers over Wolf–who, in turn, looks kind of like a professor.

Fetterman–who was endorsed by Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders–is also typically seen as politically left of Wolf. But he said that won’t matter.

“This is a role of service to the people of Pennsylvania,” he said. “It’s also a role that is deferential to the role of the governor. And he deserves to have a partner in his second term that understands that role and can be a close working partner.”

Throughout his tenure, Wolf has been notably distant from his lieutenant governor–particularly after he stripped Stack of his police detail for verbally abusing them.

But asked if Wolf had played a role in Fetterman’s win, both denied it.

“That’s absolutely untrue,” Wolf said.

“Yeah,” Fetterman chimed in. “That’s categorically false. Governor Wolf’s campaign stayed out of the race absolutely. They had nothing but pure integrity throughout the whole process.”

Asked if he’s happy with the change, Wolf just said he thanks Stack for his service, and looks forward to working with Fetterman.