WSKG Broadcast Outage and Maintenance Report


Posted June 7, 2017:

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Planned maintenance outages, TV & Radio

  • Brief daytime outages for WSKG TV and Radio Wednesday, 6/7 and Thursday, 6/8 due to tower inspection.

Outage early Thursday morning, 6/8, 1am – 5am:

  • WSKG TV, over-the-air in Elmira/Corning on channels 30.1, 30.2, 30.3 and 30.4
  • WSKG Radio in Elmira/Corning, 91.1FM
  • WSQX in Corning at 90.7FM

Outage early Friday morning, 6/9 1am – 5am:

  • WSKG TV’s Binghamton transmitter, affecting all of WSKG TV
  • WSKG Radio in Elmira/Corning, 91.1


10 thoughts on “WSKG Broadcast Outage and Maintenance Report

  1. Hi, I have Time Warner and cannot get wskg in hd. I could before I had to use their digital adapter by using 46.1, but now I only get a small screen. Is there a solution? on said:


    • Hi Peggy, without knowing your exact equipment and setup, it’s hard to exactly determine the problem. Most likely, your aspect or screen size options are incorrectly set. For Channel 46.1, it should be 1080i and a native 16*9 aspect ratio.

  2. For about a month or so I have had trouble receiving WSKG TV and sub-channels via my antenna. I am about ten miles away to the north of your broadcast towers with outdoor antenna aimed at the local broadcast towers. The other local stations come in fine. Can you tell me if there are problems with your over the air facilities that could explain my problems in receiving WSKG-TV? Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I receive WSKG via antenna, not via TWC; I do not have cable. But, yes, I did a rescan and it did not help.

  4. For the last 2 days I have been unable to receive Wsqx HD on either my car HD receiver or my new home HD receiver. Nothing even comes up on the channel indicator

  5. For the past few weeks I have been having trouble with the audio. I am on Warner channel 8. The audio will be working fine and then cut out with clipped sounds making it impossible to understand what is being said. This happens randomly, sometimes at the beginning of the program and sometimes in the middle. I missed one whole segment of PBS Newshour last night and am very frustrated by this ongoing problem. Can you explain what is happening and how it might be fixed.

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