Parts of the European Union are at risk of a new wave of coronavirus cases, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson says. The bloc began lifting many internal border restrictions last month. Here, airline passengers walk out of a departures area last week at Gatwick Airport, south of London.

Passengers walk out of Departures, at the North Terminal of Gatwick Airport near Crawley, just south of London, Wednesday, July 22, 2020. With all schools now closed, Friday would normally be the busiest departure day of the year for London’s Gatwick Airport with families heading off to the sun-soaked beaches in southern Europe. Not this year as the coronavirus pandemic has meant many have opted against making their annual summer migration to countries like Spain and Greece. Gatwick would in any normal year be expecting to fly some 85,000 holidaymakers on Friday alone. It expects less than 10,000 passenger departures on Friday. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)