How Safe Is It To Eat Takeout?

With fear of infection on our minds these days, it’s easy to get panicky about every day choices. Infectious disease and food safety experts weigh in on ordering dinner to-go.

Funeral Homes Overwhelmed With COVID-19 Cases

As the U.S. death toll from the coronavirus increases, so does the strain on funeral homes across the country. Funeral directors are struggling to meet the soaring demand for their services.

HHS To Help Companies Develop COVID-19 Vaccines

The Department of Health and Human Services outlined support for Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, as the companies work to develop coronavirus vaccines. Beefing up manufacturing capacity is a priority.

Macy’s Furloughs Most Of Its 130,000 Workers

Citing the pandemic’s “heavy toll” on its business, Macy’s says it’s furloughing the majority of its employees. Its stores have been closed since March 18 and there’s no sign when they will reopen.

U.S. Surpasses China In Cases Of Coronavirus

The U.S. with about 82,000 cases passed China with about 81,000. The cases being detected in the U.S. have risen as more tests have become available, although the wait for tests can still be long.

Dow Jumps As Stimulus Deal Awaited

U.S. stock indexes surged as negotiations continued over a massive stimulus package to help the crippled economy deal with the growing effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Dow’s Dive Erases All Gains Under Trump

The Dow fell more than 900 points, leaving the index 2.8% lower than when President Trump took office. The drop culminated a staggering week of losses as the coronavirus impact took an economic toll.

We’re Barreling Toward An Epic Glut Of Oil

The supply of oil has surged as the coronavirus pandemic has destroyed demand. Prices have plummeted and analysts are starting to ask if the world will have enough space to store all the extra oil.