Washington Capitals Fans Fill The Streets With Red To Celebrate Stanley Cup Win

Updated at 11:55 a.m. ET

After a dramatic Stanley Cup win last Thursday, Washington, D.C., hockey fans are filling their streets with red and white for their victory parade.

And how those long-suffering fans have waited for this celebration. As NPR has reported, the Capitals’ championship is the team’s first ever in its 44-year history and Washington’s first in one of the country’s big four professional sports leagues since its NFL team won the Super Bowl in 1992. Thursday also marked the 40th anniversary of Washington’s only NBA title.

They’re showing up in commemorative Capitals T-shirts and carrying signs, flags and — of course — Stanley Cup replicas.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said Zach Mondres of Virginia. He says he got to the parade “as early as I could.”

“I just love the Caps and want to be here for the experience and celebrate with them,” Mondres said. “It’s not even a huge thing just for a Cap; it’s a huge thing for all sports fans in D.C.”

Hayley Grinder, Zach’s fiancée, says they’ve spent years “being frustrated” — cheering the Caps on, only to watch them lose.

Here are some early scenes from the parade. You can follow along on Twitter at @adlancianese and @wamu885 and we’ll update this post as the #ALLCAPS parade makes its way through the city:

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