Wells Fargo Site Crashes As Customers Try To See If They’ve Received Stimulus Payments

Wells Fargo customers trying Wednesday to find out if their stimulus payments had arrived instead found their mobile app not working and online accounts not accessible. The bank said the outage is due to high volumes and won’t affect the electronic deposit of the stimulus money.

“We apologize to our customers who may be experiencing issues with our online banking this morning,” the bank said in a tweet. “This does not affect stimulus payments with a March 17 effective date which were credited to accounts today. Thanks for your patience. ”

Some customers were expressing frustration on Twitter.

A Wells Fargo spokesperson said in a statement, “We are working to address the issue as quickly as possible.”

Meanwhile, the Treasury Department has released a report saying that 90 million stimulus payments have been sent so far totaling more than $242 billion. The majority of those payments were made electronically by direct deposit. Treasury says it has also mailed roughly 150,000 physical checks worth approximately $442 million.

Update: A Wells Fargo spokesperson now tells NPR in a statement that the bank has resolved the issue and customers should now be able to access online banking again.

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