NY Dumps Pearson For 3-8 Standardized Tests


Testing giant Pearson will no longer develop New York’s standardized tests for elementary and middle school students. The state is turning instead to Questar Assessment. That could signal a broader shift on education after heated controversy.

Pearson took a beating for its role in New York’s transition to the Common Core. The company developed new tests that some said were age-inappropriate, and outrage sparked a test boycott. Now Questar is slated to take over development of those tests, but Robin Jacobowitz at SUNY New Paltz says getting rid of Pearson won’t address all the criticism.

“Pearson did what it was hired to do, so it’s really up to the New York State Education Department to make things different if things are going to be different,” she says.

The state is promising teachers more input into test development this time around. The education department also just got a new head. Commissioner Mary Ellen Elia started last week.