Oneonta author Tom Morgan and the story of a small-town murder trial in Cooperstown



In 2004, in the village of Cooperstown, Tom Morgan was called to jury duty. Although he wasn’t selected as a juror for the trial, he stayed to watch it, from beginning to end. A TRIAL IN COOPERSTOWN is the book he wrote about the trial. It gives us a glimpse of things most of us don’t see – the dramatic, the mundane, the grief, and the minutiae. He talks with all of the major players in the trial – the lawyers, the judge, the families of the accused and of the victim – leaving us with a fascinating snapshot of the American justice system.

Tom Morgan is the author of five books, including A TRIAL IN COOPERSTOWN. He’s also the author of several plays, and wrote and produced the syndicated radio show “Tom Morgan’s Moneytalk” for more than three decades.

You can find more information and links to his books on his website.