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Science Pub welcomes Dr. Fiona Baker
June 14 at 7pm

Sleep is essential for a healthy life. In women, a range of sleep problems can emerge within the context of reproductive aging. In the reproductive years, women who experience severe PMS or painful cramps are likely to have transient insomnia and daytime sleepiness. Alleviating pain can lead to a better night’s sleep. During pregnancy and post-partum, some sleep disruption is to be expected, however, when severe or if a sleep disorder like sleep apnea emerges, it needs to be managed to ensure maintenance of physical and mental health. Midlife and menopause can also bring fluctuations in sleep patterns, but research shows promising solutions. Clinical trials of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia show consistent improvements in sleep and hot flash-related interference and it is now a first-line of treatment for insomnia.

Fiona Baker, PhD, is Director of the Center for Health Sciences at SRI International where she focuses on the interplay between sleep physiology and human health across the lifespan. Fiona is a world expert on issues of sleep in women. Her areas of research include sleep EEG, sex differences in sleep, sleep across the menstrual cycle and in menopause, sleep and cardiovascular functioning, and interactions between brain development, sleep, and behaviors such as alcohol use across adolescence. Fiona has published 100+ scientific papers on sleep, advancing our understanding of sleep health issues in women.

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