Over A Year Later, Some Folks In Quarantine Still Receive Food Deliveries


VESTAL, NY (WSKG) — When COVID-19 forced vulnerable people into quarantine, the Broome County Council of Churches delivered food from CHOW to their doorsteps. Some people still require the service.

Sarah Gager/WSKG

Around the end of March last year, the program served 140 households a week. At the end of May this year, 10 to 15 households received deliveries.

Reverend Joe Sellepack, Executive Director for the Broome County Council of Churches, said during an emergency like a flood, the council can rally volunteers.  However, the pandemic challenged that and added logistical complications like social distancing and masking.

“One of the things that makes the Council of Churches tick is the use of volunteers,” said Sellepack.

Sellepack said the crew took COVID safety measures and he is proud they met the needs fo so many people.

“We delivered I can’t remember how many thousands of boxes to people during the course of the pandemic,” Sellepack said, “Just because of needing to keep people safe, keep people separate as well as getting food out to people who needed it.”