PA Psychiatrist Sees Health Trends Among Blue Collar Workers


HARRISBURG (WSKG) — A Pennsylvania psychiatrist and his colleagues are noticing some troubling mental health trends related to joblessness among their working-class patients. And those trends seem inextricably tied with the current political climate. 

Dr. Kenneth Thompson is the president of the American Association for Social Psychiatry. He’s based in Pittsburgh, and said many of the people he sees fall into a specific category–they’re white, male, high school-educated former Democratic voters who supported Donald Trump for president.

And he said increasing numbers of those people are struggling with addiction or mental health issues that seem tied to the trouble they’re having in the current economy.

“The overall sense is there’s a population that is more highly stressed than it has been in the past,” he said. “I wish I could tell you that I didn’t have a large number of people who were family members, people who’ve died from ODs, who haven’t had significant amounts of stress because of unemployment,”

Thompson said he sees that stress manifesting itself as opioid or alcohol abuse, increased suicide rates, and a pervasive feeling that American politics need to be shaken up in some fundamental way.

“The world is clearly changing, and the issue of the migrations and immigrations are clearly tapping into some people’s anxieties about where the future lies,” he said.

Recent studies also bear out Thompson’s observations.

But as for solutions? Thompson said he and fellow psychiatrists aren’t there yet.

He said politicians–and others–should be asking themselves how to enable all Americans to take part in the country’s changing economy.