Paladino, Langworthy announce lawsuits against NY’s new firearms legislation


Carl Paladino speaks July 7, 2022 in downtown Buffalo to announce a lawsuit against New York's concealed carry law. (Michael Mroziak / WBFO News)

Several prominent Republican leaders are vowing to challenge New York’s new firearms laws in court.

Last week, real estate CEO and congressional candidate Carl Paladino announced he’d sue over the new firearms package. Paladino criticized a few of its components, including one that would let business owners choose whether or not they would allow concealed carry on their premises.

“They are depriving, trying another way to deprive the people of this state of the right to carry a weapon and protect themselves,” Paladino told reporters during a press conference.

New York State Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy and his primary challenger, Carl Paladino, plan to sue over New York’s new firearms laws. (Vaughn Golden/WSKG)

The legislation was passed in a special session of the Legislature earlier this month. It also expands upon the state’s red flag law to allow more types of medical professionals to ask a judge to take away someone’s firearms.

Paladino’s primary candidate, Republican Party Chairman Nick Langworthy, also announced that the party would take legal action against the gun laws. Langworthy said he plans to work with the state Conservative Party on that litigation.

Langworthy and Paladino are running in the new 23rd Congressional District. That seat runs from Buffalo to Chemung County. The primary is Aug. 23.