PBS KIDS 24/7 comes to WSKG-2


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PBS Kids Programming on WSKG

We are pleased to announce a new service to our community. On Wednesday, February 1, 2017, WSKG launched new, free 24/7 multiplatform children’s services. In collaboration with PBS, the free services include a new TV channel, a live stream on digital platforms and an interactive gaming feature, which will debut later in 2017. Together, these new services will support our mission to reach all children with high-quality educational content.American's most trusted shows

This free 24/7 channel and live stream ensures that PBS KIDS educational media is available to all families, all the time and via a platform that works for them. Given that 54% of all children nationwide do not have the opportunity to attend preschool, providing access is a critical element of our public service mission.

As the media brand ranked by parents as the most trusted and relied upon for school readiness, offering content across multiple digital platforms is an important way to serve all of America’s families. Research confirms that PBS KIDS educational programming helps children build critical skills that enable them to find success in school and life.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently released new guidelines to help families balance media and everyday life, placing greater emphasis on the quality of the media kids interact with, rather than the quantity, and pointing to PBS KIDS as the leading resource for educational programming.

Broadcast over the air on channel 46.2 in Binghamton and 30.2 in Corning and on channel 1275 on most Time Warner Digital Cable systems, WSKG PBS KIDS will replace WSKG World programming (see UPDATE below). A complete channel listing is available at WSKG.org/frequencies.

About the change from WSKG World

UPDATE, 2/14: WSKG has received overwhelming feedback from viewers who really miss WSKG World. We’re investigating alternatives that we hope will make everyone happy. A change is expected to be implemented within a few weeks.

The replacement of WSKG World with WSKG PBS KIDS was a decision that was made to better serve the WSKG community. Because most children’s viewing takes place between 6 and 10 pm on weeknights and on weekend afternoons and evenings we believe this switch to PBS KIDS from World is the right choice for our community.


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