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The Rush: Digging Into Addiction

How Addiction Is Like Riding A Bike

What happens to your brain on drugs?

Dr. Ruben Baler, health scientist with the National Institute on Drug Abuse, says it’s a learning process, and very difficult to unlearn. He spoke with WSKG’s Crystal Sarakas.

The nation’s opioid addiction crisis has, in some quarters, led to a change in the public perception of addiction. More and more, policymakers are talking about substance abuse as a public health problem. However, there is a lot we still don’t know about how addiction works.

WSKG News takes a look at the life of an addicted person: how drug use affects them physiologically, what recovery looks like, and new methods communities might adopt in order to help them. The Rush: Digging Into Addiction hopes to shine some light on what addiction really is.

The Rush was produced by Crystal Sarakas & Bret Jaspers and edited by Bret Jaspers.

Financial support from a grant from the Binghamton Rotary Charities and the listeners of WSKG.

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