Why 16 PA Counties Are Suing OxyContin Drug Maker

HARRISBURG, PA (WITF) – York County Solicitor Glenn Smith knows the county coroner’s phone number by heart. He calls often to get the most recent number of drug overdose deaths, a number that increases almost every day. “As of today?” said County Coroner Pam Gay. “Twenty-two confirmed, another 25 suspected.

Syracuse University Permanently Expels Fraternity After Offensive Video

SYRACUSE, NY (AP) — Syracuse University expelled a fraternity over an offensive video that members say was intended as satire, but the controversy is continuing with the emergence of more video simulating a sexual assault of a disabled person. Chancellor Kent Syverud called the latest video clip of crude behavior at Theta Tau “appalling and disgusting” in a statement Sunday. “I am deeply concerned about how the continuing exposure to hateful videos is causing further hurt and distress to members of our campus community,” he said, while acknowledging that university had known about the latest clip since the first one emerged and sparked outrage on Wednesday. The chancellor said he hadn’t spoken specifically about the additional video earlier because of ongoing police and student disciplinary investigations. He and other administrators gathered with students to discuss the matter Sunday evening.

Students Across The Region Expected To Protest Gun Violence

SYRACUSE, NY (WRVO) – Students at more than a dozen school in central and northern New York are expected to take part in a national high school walkout today to demand action on gun control. The walkout is being held today, because it is the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting.