Floodwaters Trap 50 People In Their Homes In Seneca County

ITHACA, NY (WSKG) – About a quarter of a mile of roads blocked by fallen trees, stumps and other heavy debris trapped about 50 people in their homes in the town of Lodi in Seneca County. Trucks from the local fire department vehicles got stuck by stumps, trees and debris in the road. Check out the water on Lower Lake Road in Lodi sent by @volkveronica. pic.twitter.com/isht7lkZaj
— WXXI News (@WXXINews) 14 août 2018

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo visited Lodi Tuesday morning to check out the damage and rescue efforts. He says heavy equipment will be used to clear the road and free the fire department vehicles. Then, a high axle vehicle capable of moving through the several feet of water will go in.

As Nuclear Power Loses Ground To Natural Gas, Environmentalists Are Torn

STATE IMPACT PENNSYLVANIA – The natural gas boom was supposed to help the electric sector lower its carbon footprint by replacing old, carbon dioxide-spewing coal plants with newer, lower-emitting natural gas plants. And to a degree, that’s happened. As coal plants have retired, carbon emissions from the power sector have decreased.