Annual Report 2007


Welcome to our mini-Annual Report. The goal of this report is to highlight the 2007 fiscal year’s accomplishments and preview our plans for this year. Providing an Annual Report is just our first step in an effort to better inform you of the activities that you make possible at your local public broadcasting station. We hope you find the report informative.

But before you review the report, we’d like to thank you for supporting WSKG. We’re thrilled to say that with your generous financial support WSKG exceeded its fundraising goal for last fiscal year. Thanks to you and many of your friends and neighbors, WSKG raised over 1.3 million dollars from individual gifts. We were able to accomplish this with nearly 25 percent fewer hours of on-air fundraising; meaning fewer interruptions to our regular program schedule. This is a trend we hope to continue this fiscal year. Thank you very much for helping to make this happen.

Your support last fiscal year was critical in helping us:

  • Launch the new, originally-produced weekly series Expressions: The Art and Soul of the Southern Tier celebrating the art and artists of our region;
  • Bring you the best of PBS with programs like Ken Burns’ The War along with locally-produced shows honoring our local veterans of World War II; and
  • Keep you informed with our radio service by providing in-depth national news and election coverage from NPR.

We have great momentum heading into the 2009 fiscal year and with your support we are committed to bringing you the highest quality of programming we can afford. Along with our second season of Expressions, keep an eye, and ear out for new locally produced programming currently under development.

Thank you again for your continued support of WSKG and thank you for helping make 2007 a very exciting and memorable year.

READ THE FULL REPORT: Annual Report 2007