Sharing Your Ride With ALEXA? WSKG Skill Offers On-Demand Radio To Motorists


Listening to WSKG and WSKG Classical on your car’s Alexa-device is easy, if you remember the magic words, “Alexa, open the WSKG Skill.” Then the smart car will give you convenient, boundless access to WSKG’s wonderful world of public radio.

Besides streaming live music and news programs from WSKG and WSKG Classical, the WSKG ALEXA skill offers 47 recent public radio programs. They’re on demand and and available for listening at your convenience.

Listen to ALEXA In Your New Car

America’s system for mobile internet is undergoing a vast expansion.  For example, more smart phones now provide faster 5G service.  This is also true for automobiles.  Many automakers now include a WSKG and ALEXA app on their dashboard displays.  Here is a list. 

It means you can hear more of WSKG and our programs in more places and at your convenience.  Miss WSKG’s live broadcast of 1A or Fresh Air? Without taking your hands off the wheel, WSKG’s ALEXA skill allows you to call up the most recent program.  You can even skip around and listen to older editions.

Before arriving at your destination, you can catch up on local news and arts events, and spend a “Minute With Sam Sanders.”

At Your Convenience

Smart speakers don’t just make a worldwide variety of live radio streams available with a simple voice command. A listener can instantly request a specific show, such as Free Range Folk from WSKG, By Special Invitation from WSKG, NPR’s Morning Edition, and Fresh Air. 

Nice Little Feature

Alexa offers a service that may be very convenient to commuters; it’s called a “Flash Briefing.” Using your car’s Alexa app, you can customize a “Flash Briefing” with the news you choose.

This is a list of the on-demand public media programs now available on WSKG’s ALEXA skill.

After selecting your content, Alexa will play your list with a single, simple command, “Alexa, play my Flash Briefing.” If no new content is available, Alexa will skip over it.

However, it’s a great way to quickly find out, on the go, what’s happening from the sources that you rely upon.

Alternative To Smart Speakers: WSKG’s Radio Streams

Listeners can also find our program streams at our website, Folks with systems that are incompatible with the standard player on their computers may find the following advanced options useful:

High Stream (64 kbps) for Faster Bandwidth and Wifi


Low Stream (32 kbps) for Slower Bandwidth and Mobile


WSKG Classical (96 kbps)