Live Presidential Primary Coverage On WSKG


WSKG and NPR News will provide live, anchored Special Coverage of the early major contests of the presidential nominating process.

Primary/Caucus Coverage Plans From NPR

Our hosts will guide listeners through the news from each primary and caucus with newsmaker interviews, analysis from the NPR Politics team, updates from Member station reporters, and coverage of victory and concession speeches.

Here’s a list of our planned live coverage.  Please note that all times are tentative and plans for live news coverage tend to change.

On Tuesday, March 17, 2020 NPR will provide Special Coverage of the St. Patrick’s Day primaries in four states.

Should the name of the Democratic Presidential Nominee remain in question, WSKG and NPR News stand ready to do more Specials for later contests.

America, Are We Ready?

In addition to coverage from NPR, WSKG and WNYC will offer a series of pop-up live call-in programs, hosted by Brian Lehrer in collaboration with the Associated Press and our local station partners throughout the country.

These programs will be broad, good faith, inclusive discussions aimed at providing news and information to listeners, and lifting the voices of the callers as the country moves through the 2020 Presidential Primary season , the political conventions, Election night, and the day after. We’ll be talking about the process, the candidates, and all of the issues at stake. We’ll explore: How healthy is our democracy? Can it survive this political climate? How much of reality can we agree on? Can we, at a basic level, even really listen to each other?

Upcoming Episodes 

Tuesday, March 17th: Florida, Arizona, Ohio and Illinois Primaries

Monday, March 30: America: Are We Ready To Identify? If you’re a voter this year, how are the ways you identity informing your choice?

Tuesday, March 31: America: Are We Ready To Defend Democracy? How much do you think democracy is expanding or being weakened in the U.S. and how much will that inform your vote?

Wednesday, April 1: America, We Ready to be Counted? On “Census Day” what’s the biggest change in the last ten years that’s affected both your politics and your life?

Thursday, April 2: America: Are We Ready To Face Our Fears? What makes you anxious about life in America today, and how much do you look to politics to provide relief?

Tuesday, April 28th: The “Acela” Primary

Tuesday, June 2nd: The Last Primary

Democratic National Convention, Monday – Thursday, July 13-16

Republican National Convention, Monday – Thursday, August 24-27

Tuesday, November 3: Election Day 2020

Wednesday, November 4: America, Are We Ready? The Result

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