Reed Co-Sponsors Legislation To Revive Fight For Equal Rights Amendment


ROCHESTER, NY (WXXI) – Advocates and lawmakers in Washington, D.C. are rallying to launch a renewed fight for the equal rights amendment in Congress.

The amendment was introduced in 1923 to ensure equal rights to all Americans regardless of sex, but has never had the 38 states support needed to pass an amendment.

Southern Tier representative Tom Reed (R-Corning),  is a co-sponsor of the bill; he says he’s proud and humble to sponsor the bill both as a man and a Republican.

He also talked about his mother Betty, a single mother who raised 12 kids.

“Who taught me the power of women, the power of strength that women possess uniquely in America and across the world. And so I am humbled to stand on her shoulders with you to declare that it is time.”

Reed also represents Seneca Falls, where the bill was first introduced 96 years ago.

Actors Patricia Arquette and Alyssa Milano stood with Reed in support at an event on Tuesday.