Resident Artist Jackie Pancari


WSKG Arts and the Corning Museum of Glass are proud to partner in a series of Arts and Culture Shorts featuring past resident artists of the museum. This segment features 2015 artist and Alfred University graduate Jackie Pancari.

Jackie Pancari loves discovering the ways glass and light interact. She thinks of her studio as “a laboratory where curiosity and imagination lead to experimentation and discovery.” With an MFA from Alfred University School of Art, Pancari has exhibited her work across the U.S. and in Japan.

Pancari is inspired by the properties of glass and its ability to assume an infinite number of forms. “Creating shapes that exude a quiet beauty, simplicity and sensuality represents the most basic foundation of my work,” she says. “The juxtaposition of those shapes reveals relationships that are, in turn, basic to a more complex whole.”

During her 2015 residency, Pancari worked on her Reflective and Refractive Index Series. The Reflective Index Series plays with reflections of patterns in double-walled mirrored bowls, while the Refractive Index Series explores the refractive index of liquids and glass, and the consequent shadows that are produced. Pancari hopes that those who see her work “walk away with a sense of wonder, mystery, and the same inquisitiveness that I experienced in its creation.”

This segment was produced by The Corning Museum of Glass