Rich Bobinski Orchestra Returns to the Let's Polka Stage


WSKG Arts is proud to welcome back The Rich Bobinski Orchestra to Let’s Polka! This Connecticut based outfit returns to delight our live studio audience with an eclectic set of polka fun. Highlights include “Curtain Raiser”, “The Clarinet Polka” and an amazing rendition of Tom Jones’ “Delilah.” The band is led by violinst June Ingram and she is joined on-stage by Jim Turek (Trumpet), John Clark (Clarinet/Saxophone), Eddie Zavaski (Accordion/Vocals), Lorraine Jeski Moroch (Bass Guitar/Vocals) and Eddie Biegaj (Drums/Vocals). Local polka legend Bill Flynn hosts.


1) “Curtain Raiser”
2) “Jedziemy, Jedziemy”
3) “How Swiftly These Moments Fly”
4) “The Clarinet Polka”
5) “Three Cheers”
6) “Delilah”
7) “Kiss Me, I’m Polish”

Contact Chris DiRienzo at (607) 729-0100 ext. 385 if you would like to join the WSKG Polka Club!